Sean Tissue of Centureon Investments on the Challenges of Winter Real Estate Investment

SEAN TISSUEWe all know how competitive the commercial real estate market can be. The nature of the business is also cyclical, with the winter season relatively quiet compared to other times of the year. There are a number of different drawbacks that make real estate development difficult in the colder months. Sean Tissue, the CEO and Founder of Centureon Investments has found success during all types of weather and is here to share some helpful tips. Anyone who is looking for an advantage in the ultra-competitive real estate industry can glean a lot of useful information from Sean. 

The main deterrent to real estate investment during the winter is the cold weather. It can make it difficult for workers to concentrate on the job at hand, materials can freeze, and frozen ground is extremely difficult to work with. Because most improvements that move the needle as far as increasing re-sale value require outdoor work, many real estate developers opt to not work during the winter. These are a few of the reasons that the team at Centureon Investments rarely ties up resources during the less profitable winter season. Too many things can go wrong during the cold months, and the returns typically do not warrant the necessary work and investment. 


Winter can be a good time to tie up loose ends, perform market research and other due diligence, and focus on planning and strategy for the upcoming busy season. It can be a relief to have a little downtime when you are investing in such a highly competitive industry. Sean Tissue and the entire team at Centureon Investments understand the cyclical nature of real estate development. Due to their many years of successful investing, they are able to guide their business in such a way to minimize the effects of weather and other uncontrollable factors. This is a great advantage for their clients.