Sergey Petrossov Created the Carpooling-Equivalent for Private Jets, Before 30 Years Old

Sergey PetrossovWish there was something better than first-class flying without actually owning a private jet? JetSmarter was created by Sergey Petrossov for just that reason, there needed to be a middle ground for people to organize and charter their private jet flights. Now, JetSmarter is considered one of the fastest-growing private businesses estimated at over 1.5 Billion Dollars and growing.

The meat and potatoes of JetSmarter are not from the idea of making flying private jets easier but creating an online community with private flying so it can be more accessible to people who have the interest in doing so. Community is very important to Sergey Petrossov, he even sees his vision of transportation and community working its way into the before and after jet flights. He hopes to move forward into community-based ground travel within the same system as a JetSmarter.

The spark for Sergey Petrossov was the lack of opportunity with private jet flights, he saw that even though private jets should be flying at around 1,200 hours, they are only getting 200 hours a year. The opportunity led the entrepreneur to get in the Forbes’ 30 under 30 list and become an innovator in the idea of Uber for Air travel.

Next up on Sergey Petrossov’s innovations is connecting the members with ways to increase the luxury experience with deals with retailers, hotels, and ground transportation in order to make the community work with each other to find great deals when they need them. The goal is to provide more traffic in luxury goods for people while still giving the idea of luxury at a price for the consumer, therefore the provider gets more revenue but the consumer gets a cheaper price.

In this light, Sergey has truly found his calling to bringing a new era into business and luxury items. Where private jets were seen as something that was meant to be expensive and unattainable, there is now a market for people to try out the experience without being in the bracket of owning or chartering single jet pricing for just them. It’s the new way to fly first class.