Succeeding in the Creative Industry by Attending the Academy of Art University.

The Academy of Art University is an art school that is owned privately. It is a for-profit organization that began as an Advertising Art Academy in 1929. It currently has employed about 283 full-time and 1154 part-time teachers. It comprises around 11,000 students. The school has been home to designers and artists for approximately 90 years.

The Academy of Art specializes in enabling students to master their roles as professionals as they work to become designers and artists. Students are privileged to be taught by the greatest minds already practicing in the creative and innovative industry. Their expertise helps students acquire skills and grow their talent sought after in the market.

The Academy of Art has an admission acceptance rate of 100%. The school believes in allowing students to maximize their potential by finding their place and future in the academy and not restricting them to their experience elsewhere.

The Annual Spring Show is an event filled with career opportunities for artists that takes place yearly. The event brings the general public, industry leaders, and alumni to experience and explore the creative work by students, done in one location. For students, this may be the one, and the only chance they get for the world to come to them.

The Spring Show by the Academy of Art showcases the work of the brightest students, across 40 sectors of art and design. It also allows students from the graduating class-entrepreneurs, artists, technologists, architects, filmmakers, designers, photographs, strategists, communicators, and problem solvers- to present their best and freshest works of innovation and creativity. Industry professionals also get to have a meeting and give insights on career opportunities

According to the Executive Director of the school of architecture, networking plays a significant role in the art and design industry, and it starts in the first lecture of the first class as their teachers are professionals in the industry. She believes that any connections made in the present materialize in two to five years. She says that people in the advertising industry have known each other at one time.

The Academy of Art offers a golden opportunity for the students to network with industry professionals. The Spring Show allows market leaders to assess the hiring potential of the students.vvvv