Ted Bauman Doesn’t Believe Amazon Is Too Big To Fail

A lot of people believe that Amazon is a monopoly, or at least well on their way to becoming one, but Ted Bauman does not believe that this is true. While they are certainly leaders when it comes to e-commerce, it’s important to remember that they still do not produce as much revenue as companies such as Kroger and WalMart that are still going strong among customers who prefer to be able to purchase things at a brick and mortar location. Ted Bauman also states that while they are certainly a big name in online retail, competitors such as WalMart, eBay, Apple, and more still make up more than half of the business that is done online. In addition, even though the company has significant sales online, there isn’t much evidence that this has impacted most conventional brick and mortar retailers.

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It’s because of this and other factors that the financial writer for Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman, does not believe that the e-commerce giant qualifies as a monopoly. In fact, while the company is certainly going strong, he sees them as similar to Sears when their catalog was one of the most popular ways to shop for people in the United States. People want convenience and both Amazon and Sears were able to provide this, but Ted Bauman knows that sometimes companies cannot keep up with the changing times. In the case of Sears, this was exactly what happened and the company has been unable to meet the demands of modern customers in recent years despite many efforts.

While a lot of companies aren’t fond of Amazon ras rivals, most don’t believe that their practices go against the spirit of competition. Ted Bauman believes that this is important when deciding if the company is a monopoly or not. While Amazon may have negatively impacted stores that sell books and other similar items, people are still choosing more powerful retailers when it comes to medicine, groceries, hardware, and more. While the quick delivery times of Amazon are certainly impressive, they don’t compare to the convenience of being able to go to a store to purchase items when and where you need them.

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