Ted Bauman Gives Unique Perspective on How the Flow of Cash in the Economy Effects Investments

Ted Bauman is known to be a spokesperson that reaches out to potential investor’s and his most recent advice is to keep in mind that cash is no longer king when it comes to transactions and that investors need to consider that when creating their investment portfolio. He has most recently challenged his followers to think about when they really last used cash to complete a transaction. His point to these individuals is that cash is very rarely used anymore and because of that, future investors need to consider what opportunities are available for them to invest in the growing plastic card industry.

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Ted Bauman has consistently pointed out that while many people used to maintain a cash savings, that there are many more tools now for consumers to use in order to save and budget money is a more wiser manner. Along with these new tools, are companies that provide more lucrative investment opportunities. Ted Bauman does warn individuals to stay away from credit card company investments, as he feels that there will continue to be an influx of cashless payment platforms. He currently advises, that in his opinion PayPal is the best choice for investors. It is his opinion that PayPal offers a multitude of benefits for its users and that the company has demonstrated that it is able to change their ways and grow with the needs of consumers and the economy. The company has also made it very clear to its competitors that they plan on remaining the top dog in the cashless payment marketplace.

Ted Bauman’s followers trust his expertise. He has over 25 years of experience in the area of housing and finance. Over those 25 years he has witnessed the different shifts in how payments by consumers and merchants are made and received. He has also worked with multiple organizations spanning the globe including the United Nations and the South Africa government. Bauman does seem to have a very different perception of how the shifts of how payments are made and how that shift directly effects communities and investors around the world in how they should make their investment decisions. Read More: https://www.dailyforexreport.com/ted-bauman-amazon-isnt-monopoly/