The Marketing Finds of Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard notes that digital and social mediums are drastically revolutionizing the way the world of world marketing. However, he warns that marketers should not ignore the dangers inherent in these admittedly very productive avenues. As long as we do not ignore these and address them head-on, yes, these options work extremely well. He says there are a couple of fundamentals that should always apply to our marketing: 1) Keeping it simple to make it memorable. Simplifying and shaving off all unnecessary fat is a lot harder than adding a lot of stuff to beef it up.

Two famous companies who have found tremendous success via simplifying their products is Disney, Apple, Peleton. Apple has mastered the art of keeping it simple in all of their marketing, while at the same time that marketing finds new ways to encourage customers to upgrade. Peleton simplified its marketing with the simple promise of bringing the “private indoor cycling studio” right into your home. 2) Lesnard says that successful marketers have the ability to bring their products to life to make them real to the lives of each customer.

He says he found the most effective ways to do this are via videos and consumer testimonies. In ways such as this, Yeti effectively established themselves as the ambassadors of outside lifestyle water coolers. Lesnard says the key to keeping your marketing real is the same as simplifying it: That is, making it memorable. To do this well, the marketer must first determine those aspects the consumer most needs to remember about the product. Steve Lesnard definitely knows what he is talking about when it comes to marketing, having worked very successfully in the world of sports marketing for decades. He formed the values that have led to his great success in the earliest years of his career.