The Very Successful James Dondero

It’s one thing to become the president of a company and another thing to develop a successful company. On numerous occasions, people hear stories about how investing companies lure other people into purchasing their goods and services. Moreover, these companies use false advertising often to exploit their customers. Most of the time, these companies state how they will spruce up a customer’s investment repertoire and how it will make them rich. However, the results remain the contrary. To expound further, these companies have taken away too much money from their clients in order to produce a profit. However, business professionals such as James Dondero have used their expertise to reverse this trend. Read more about James Dondero at


For those unaware, Jame Dondero remains a prestigious business leader and the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. In addition, James Dondero also remains the president of Highland Capital Management. As a resident of Dallas, TX, James Dondero spent over 30 years of his career redefining the industry. Moreover, James Dondero utilizes his leadership abilities to perfect high-yield investing. In addition, James Dondero remains able to assist clients with their credit and equity markets. Since 1993, Highland Capital Management has remained able to fortify the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market. In addition, the company has remained able to provide their clients with additional credit-based solutions. Due to such prestige, the company has received an insurmountable amount of awards and accolades for their efforts. Visit to know more about him.

To name a few of James Dondero’s investment products and services, these include institutional separate accounts, CLOs, hedge funds, and mutual funds. Aside from his role at Highland Capital Management, James Dondero has held numerous high-profile positions throughout his career. Aside from his position at Highland Capital Management, Jame Dondero once worked for companies such as CCS Medical, Nexbank, and Cornerstone Healthcare. In addition, James Dondero remains a profound philanthropist. With that being said, Dondero remains equally talented in the world of philanthropy.

In particular, Dondero has remained extremely supportive in the areas of education, public policy, and veteran’s affairs. Prior to Dondero’s years as the president of Highland Capital Management, he also worked for companies such as American Express. Moreover, James Dondero also possesses a wealth of knowledge due to his educational background. While at the University of Virginia, James Dondero graduated with the highest honors. Therefore, his ability to execute a successful investment remains uncontested. In closing, Dondero remains an inspiration to numerous people.