What is Betsy DeVos Saying About Trump Now?

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos can’t seem to shake the critics. Most recently she was in an interview where she stated that education hasn’t been at the list of President Trump’s priorities. Howeve, she explains that he has been supportive of all the work that they have done while she has been in office. Earlier in 2019, DeVos toured with First Lady Melania Trump. They visited charter schools in Miami and throughout the state.


Florida is one of the few states that Betsy DeVos calls a success when it comes to educational choice. In the Sunshine State, students are able to apply and get a scholarship based on tuition to any school of their choice. However, they may apply and get approved before they are able to receive these funds. Who’s paying for these programs? DeVos states that it’s philanthropy and donors that have supported the educational choice movement in America.


Donors like Mark Zuckerberg, Sam Walton, and Bill Gates have contributed greatly to her campaign. She has stated that all of the money goes towards putting students’ needs first. While it’s been difficult to get critics on board, DeVos has never wavered. She believes that students have a choice and should be able to pick where they want to go to school. Most of the time, DeVos said that students have to go to schools where they are zoned, but this can lead to serious development and educational growth problems.


Students who are in failing schools don’t have the same support as other school programs, and DeVos wants to change that. However, her first order is to give students relief from schools that are stuck in the past and haven’t improve their administration for over two decades. DeVos is looking towards the future and believes that students should be bale to do the same when it comes to picking a school where they want to learn.


She believes that by placing students first and offering programs to help them get the funding for school that students will have the most opportunities. Currently, many students are stuck in a curriculum that is heavily based on common core and standardized testing. Even with current reports showing an improvement in test scores, DeVos wants students to have the ability to choose a different curriculum than one forced upon them based on zoning codes.


DeVos has also had significant trouble when it comes to school safety reform. students have been dealing with gun violence in America for many years, but DeVos is looking to change all of that by placing students first and finding policies that protect students. She doesn’t believe in the idea that more guns should be on campus, but it could be necessary depending on how campus guardians will work.


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